You have a cold or allergies.


The main cause is an ear infection. Almost everyday I wake up with crusty bloody boogers.

vomiting substances that look like coffee grounds.

Chemical or physical irritants might be to blame for your child’s bloodshot eyes.

. com%2fhealth%2fhow-to-remove-deep-boogers/RK=2/RS=gH. Eye bruises and black eyes.

Also, your son may be picking his nose.

In the past I've had a small, tiny speck of blood maybe 3 times tops. . .

. Signs and symptoms of severe RSV infection in infants include: Short, shallow and rapid breathing.



Pretty much as the title says. Feb 14, 2023 · TB bacteria usually grow in the lungs (pulmonary TB).

Mar 13, 2023 · Yellow Mucus. .

Chills or sweating.
Fever that lasts more than five days in a row.
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The most common cause of vulvovaginitis in toddlers are irritants such as harsh soaps, bubble baths and tight-fitting clothing.

Severe headache.

Eye bruises and black eyes. You have a cold or allergies. .

feeling dizzy or faint. It often clears up on its own. Another. When the body produces excess mucus, it can fill the lungs. A warm compress can help, but if.


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Yellow phlegm means your illness is progressing normally.


Runny noses cause irritation and dehydration in the nose, often leading to an unexpected nosebleed.

When a coughing attack occurs, it can cause vomiting.