Most get this southeastern Michigan city name wrong by emphasizing "LAN.

Unravel—and try to pronounce—some of them here.

A couple of us are having a discussion over the correct local pronunciation of Erskine Street, so I thought I'd throw it out to the experts here in DetroitYes. Now I’m seasoned at picking up the pronunciations of oddly named streets.

It is pronounced as uh-da-jee-oh.

This major street in Lower Manhattan is not pronounced "HUE-stun" like the major Texan city.

The way I at least pronounce these streets are Gra-shit, Cad ju, Liver-noy, Shane-err, Char-lo-voy, De-quin-der. . .

Common popular pronunciation: [ p uh – keep -see ] (to name just one) Prevailing local pronunciation: [ p uh – kip -see ] The city of Poughkeepsie traces its name back to the Wappinger tribe of Native Americans.

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The word Adagio is used in classical music to mean ‘at ease’. 2.

That road is named after Carl Lahser, who was an influential man in the development of what is now the Old Redford neighborhood of Detroit in the late 1800s (he had a paving company which actually extended and connected Grand River Ave from the core city to the village, IIRC).


Claim Maori street names 'too hard to pronounce'. Nov 21, 2017 · If you’ve ever driven down Gratiot in Detroit, you might have struggled to pronounce the street’s name.

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When you are explicit about something, you state it clearly and in complete detail.


A Wanaka Community Board member has questioned why new streets in a Wanaka sub-division should be given Maori names.

1001-1003 Russell Boulevard in Soulard - 3 story - 21 apartment mixed use building Dec 24, 2017. A market town in Somerset has topped a list of the 10 most difficult-to-pronounce place names in the UK. .

Actually, the current pronunciation is more like the correct German one. . . Poughkeepsie, New York. "Flint": Flint. .


Oct 23, 2014 · Here are 10 Michigan places and their smaller same-name counterparts, where they’re located, and a smidgen of their histories. Share.

We’ve heard it all: "Gray-tee-oat," "Grah-tot," the list continues.


Mar 13, 2023 · The State of Michigan offers a comprehensive database of pronunciations for cities, townships, street names, and even notable people.


From Cohoctah to Ypsilanti to Wequetonsing, there are dozens of names in Michigan that can be tricky to.